This is for stakeholders to clearly understand the RBC Digital Roadmap, including:

  1. Key outcomes and requirements (one-off)
    • Proposal overview to start with new vision
    • 1-2-3 phase project requirements and staging/signoff
    • Clarity of purpose, implementation, and benefits
  2. Online capabilities (new paradigm)
    • Web site (information and interactive)
    • Social media (interlinked sources)
    • Digital engagement (personal connection via aggregate interaction with member account)
  3. Operational changes (ongoing)
    • Website content (initial and ongoing)
    • Member management (initial and ongoing)
    • Content updates to keep interest, engagement, and interaction across all capabilities

In the same way that the project has three phases to 1) lay groundwork, 2) deliver capabilities, and 3) populate content and membership, we also use three areas to ensure transformation from a 'brick-and-mortar' presence to multi-modal personal engagement with digital services.

  1. Information distribution is the first step in a fully engaged and interactive digital relationship, which is primarily delivered via the web site.
  2. Interactive services is the second step, where people sign in to receive the services that are most appropriate and desirable to them.
  3. Integrated reinforcement is the final step, where all services converge and reinforce each other, ensuring an immersive emotional engagement.

According to the Project Proposal, that is the transformative result the stakeholders of the RBC recognise as vital to its invigoration, growth, and future.


Meeting The Need

Finally, we need to ensure that the project objectives are met, including:

  1. all business, audience, and technical requirements
  2. emotional engagement is high (visually focused images, quotes, member interaction, forums, etc)
  3. RBC is self-managing user access, content, and communications.

These will be met with some 'building block' services, including:

  1. basic public info on basic website (About, News, Why Visit?, ProgrammesCalendarLocation, Services, Staff, Contact)
  2. user authentication to member group-specific content access (sign up/in, Member Services, Account mgt, Staff portal)
  3. internal content (Forums, slideshows, news, blog,  
  4. external content via Community, Churches, Online Faith and Bible pages


Requirements matrix

Business Needs

Specifically, the new website needs to fulfill the following business needs:

  • Let people know we are open for business (how to measure?)
  • Assist current attendees / members with information & tools (FEU login/group design/ACL)
  • Form affiliations with other churches and Christian and helpful orgs (links)
  • Give us a focal point for storing information and media for use (media page, FB/Twitter/Instagram, YouTube)
  • Receive feeds from social media (links on bottom left, feed inclusion, once social accounts are made)
  • content management system enabling RBC to easily manage content on the site and reduce administration costs (CMS Made Simple/modules/site admin group access)

Target Audience Needs

The target audience for the RBC website is defined as people who are seeking Jesus or simply just seeking the meaning to life. Also, current members and sister churches or associations looking for assistance. The new website needs to assist the target audience do the following:

Ultimately, the RBC website should be a useful resource for existing clients, potential new clients and potential new partners.


User Experience 

The new website will be designed to:

  • Be easy to use (CMS Made Simple in web interface)
  • Help direct people to services in church or in district (links and Community content)
  • Allow a secure access logon for people to work online on church content & media (signin, acct mgt, )
  • Take people through the acceptance process (membership, flow chart)
  • Allow dynamic “virtual rooms” for prayer request and discussions (forums, interactive)
  • Material made available for Bible studies, learning, Bibles themselves

Additionally the following "behind the scenes" features will be built into the website:


The site map for this service is here.

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